JAMES CARROLL was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, spent his early years in California, Nevada, and Long Island and since then has been a resident of New York City.

His work has been published by, among others, The New York Times Magazine, the Times Book Review Section, Population Bulletin, American Prospect, Venture, The Sun, the Fresh Air Fund, and The Ford Foundation.

Book publishers have included Time-Life Books ("The Adult Years," and "Photographing Children") and Eastman Kodak ("Photographing People").

Photographic publications include LightWork, Camera Mainichi (Japan), Popular Photography Annual, B&W Magazine, "Exposure-10 CAPS Photographers," and "Visual Artists of New York State."

His photographs are in public collections including those of the Univ. of Rochester, the Richard Dry Library of Buffalo, NY, the New York Public Library, and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

A past recipient of a Creative Artist Public Service (CAPS) grant (NYSCA), he was also a finalist for the Honickman Book Prize Award ("Fifth Avenue" essay).


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